The Mary & Eliza Freeman Houses

In 2008, Brent Leggs, of the National Trust for Historic Preservation wrote: …The historic Mary and Eliza Freeman Houses in Bridgeport, Connecticut… are rare and irreplaceable evidence of African American life prior to Emancipation, and should be considered a site of national significance worthy of careful stewardship and protection. Listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places, the circa 1848 Freeman Houses should be considered some of Bridgeport’s most significant architectural resources…

…Although these houses may be seen as simplistic architectural forms—wood frame structures, they are the last extant examples remaining from a community, Little Liberia, circa 1822, and are the oldest houses built by African Americans in the State of Connecticut. These buildings must be considered irreplaceable.
Brent Leggs 
National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2008